Linden church of Christ

About Us

Welcome to the services of the church of Christ. A warm welcome is extended to each one of you. If you are a visitor, we consider you as our honored guests, and hope that you will find us to be a warm, kind-hearted group of New Testament Christians. We follow the New Testament pattern for our worship services; therefore we do not have man-made "doctrines" or "creeds", only that which is found in the scripture. If you have any questions, comments, or would be interested in further Bible study, please feel free to ask any one of the members here or myself and we will be honored to assist you in any way. It is our goal to take the Gospel into all the world as instructed in the scripture (Mark 16:15) and to be proper examples (Matthew 5:13-16)  
Check the news and events page to see what is going on at the Linden church of Christ here in Linden Texas. 

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