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Ministers in Linden, Texas have joined forces to enable them to serve the community in a more effective way. With the economics in the condition they are in, we anticipate more and more needs of many who are facing spiritual, emotional and financial burdens, and in most cases, through no fault of their own.
The local ministers alliance has been able to help several in the past few months and plan on continuing to do so as long as we can.
We will meet again here at the fellowship hall in the near future to discuss any benevolent needs in the community.

Missionary Update  / Paul Dowell is doing a tremendous job in training other men and women in the mission field. We are looking forward in the near future to have Paul come here to the Linden church to give us an update on the progress and the work that is being accomplished.

Outreach Support / We at the Linden church of Christ enjoy in the participation of helping to support 3 different orphan-ages. One is Boles Home near Quinlan, Texas, second is Foster's Home for children in Stephenville, Texas and the third is Cherokee Home for Children in Cherokee, Texas.  Annually they come to give us an update on the work and the success they are having due to the continued support of different congregations which is a real blessing to us.

Radio ministry / Our radio ministry is now on for 30 minutes each Sunday morning at 9:30am. It has been a real blessing for this program and its outreach.

Sunday morning Bible class / We have been studying "Our Life Together" which
has been a real blessing to the class in helping us to grow in grace and knowledge 
of our Lord Jesus Christ. We will be finishing that series and wll be starting a new series of lessons which is "My Confidence In My Salvation" and the 1st lesson is "A Matter Of Hearts". Billy Hunt is doing a great job in teaching this class. 

Sunday evening / We have been studying
"Relation Evangelism" to prepare us for our upcoming Gospel meeting. See below the starting time and dates of that meeting.

Ladies Bible Class will begin on September
5, 2013. The new book which the ladies will 
be studying from is "Roses in December" by Jane McWhorter. Come and join the ladies in their studies at 10am on each Thursday.
The ladies will also have their Annual Ladies Day on September 14th at 10am with sign-in at 9:30am. Vivian Alford from the Walnut church will be the guest speaker. 
Wednesday services start at 7PM and we are going through the Bible from the beginning to Revelation. We have completed the Old Testament and are now in the book of Mark in the New Testament. 
On the first Wednesday evening of the month we sing praises to our Lord, while the other Wednesday services are devoted to the study of God's Word. Come and join in the study and fellowship.

Annual Gospel Meeting will be starting September 15th through the 18th. John Cannon, Jr. from the Walnut church of Christ will be our guest speaker. He will be teaching the Bible Class on Sunday morning at 10am and preaching our morning worship service at 11am and then the evening service at 6pm. On Monday through Wednesday each service will begin at 7pm. Come and hear God's word. The theme will be "Victory In Jesus"

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